High School Team Stores

We have created a network for schools, fans, and sponsors that will help generate funds for your high school!!!

Sign-up your school today and start securing your retail sponsors online using our digital network.

Sign-up your school today and start selling your team products online using our websites.

We make it very easy for sponsors to select their level of commitment for your school based on sponsorship programs that your school has approved.

We make it very easy for fans to select their favorite team gear and order online.

Why It Works So Well For Your High School…

We turnkey the process for your online stores.

We host your custom store on our servers.

We process all orders online.

We pay your high school for each order.

We produce the signage and/or products and ship directly to the buyer or your high school based on the order type.

Sell Your Team’s Corporate Sponsorship Programs Online

  • Customize Your Team’s Sponsorship Packages
  • Artwork For Sponsorship Signage
  • Ordering Sponsorship Signage
  • Shipping Sponsorship Signage To Your School
  • We Pay Your High School For Each Sponsorship Sold

Sell Your Team’s Promotional Items Online

  • Select Which Products You Want To Sell From The BPS Fulfillment Center
  • Artwork For Promotional Items
  • Ordering Promotional Items
  • Shipping Promotional Items To Your School or The Fan/Buyer
  • We Pay Your High School For Each Promotional Item Sold

You have NO INVENTORY or STOCK TO TRACK in your garage or classrooms! #TakeBackYourSPACE

The BPS Fulfillment Center will fulfill each order for your school.

Track Sales Online & Create Reports for all of your sponsorship sales, promotional items sales, and signage sales.

Earn BPS Points with each purchase you make within our network of companies!

BPS Points can be used to receive free and/or discounted school signage, promotional items, school team signage, and many more products and/or services that will showcase that we are the network you have been waiting for far too long!

If your school would like to promote higher education to your students then our partner company the HEC has solutions for your high school.
The HEC only offers advertising services that promote trade schools, colleges, and higher learning institutions within public high schools. There are Zero Corporate Sponsors within their campaigns.
Please visit our partner company for more information.

If your school would like help in securing businesses for your sponsorship programs then you should have your school listed within the BPS Ad Network.
The BPS Ad Network offers advertising services that help connect sponsors and Ad buyers to marketing opportunities on multiple advertising mediums and platforms.
Please visit the BPS Ad Network for more information.

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